Improve your business image and ratings through genuine customer reviews of your products and services.

Your business is likely to make a lot more money if your customers are happy. Happiness breeds trust and loyalty, two vital ingredients for a successful relationship between businesses and their customers. But its how you keep your customers happy or figuring out ways of knowing that customers like or dislike your project or service.


Learn what customers like and don't like

If you know what is and isn’t working for your customers, you will be able to make adjustments to your business to better serve them. Automated customer feedback systems like Feefo can do this in a cost-effective and powerful way by gathering genuine feedbacks whilst enhancing your Google ratings.

Make them feel important

Engaging with your customers for their opinions and suggestions will show that you value their opinion and care about what they have to say. Getting them involved to help you improve your products and services will make them feel important and more likely to respond to feedback requests.

Strive to improve

Consistently listening and reviewing customer feedback enables you to consistently improve your products or services by understanding what’s working for them or not. This, in turn, will result in better customer experiences and more business as a result of a higher NPS.


Meon Valley Travel increases sales by 23% with customer reviews



With no accurate performance indicators, Meon Valley Travel relied on labour intensive thank you letters or emails for customer feedback. Needing a more comprehensive way of collecting customer reviews, they turned to Feefo for a feedback solution to integrate with their CRM system to help improve sales performance.



Working closely with Feefo’s technical team, reviews started to roll in within a matter of weeks. Automated feedback triggers website integration enabled Meon to display genuine customer feedback across most of their marketing channels as well as their Google Search ads.


24% increase in click-through rates on Google ads for ‘brand name’ searches resulting in increased sales opportunities.
23% increase in sales due better customer experience throughout the buying journey.
10x more feedback helps Meon improve communication by understanding any shortfalls in service levels.

Meon Valley Travel case study

What is Net Promotor Score (NPS) and how is it measured?

NPS is a unit of measurement that gauges customer loyalty by asking how likely they are to recommend a company to friends, family or colleagues. It’s important because it helps to evaluate customer loyalty, which is also a good indicator of how likely it is that customers will churn.

NPS is measured by producing an absolute number between -100 and +100 from the difference between your ‘Promoters’ and ‘Detractors’. For example, if you have 25% promoters and 20% detractors your NPS will be +5.


Our style of marketing is fully flexible and designed to fit around your specific requirements. And by understanding your business, we develop solutions that are focused on delivering positive experiences for you and your customers.

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